Is anyone thinking about the end user in all of this rhetoric?

BT runs a monopoly through Openreach. As anyone who has had to arrange broadband services to a new home or office will know the service received and its cost are both shocking; and not in a good way.

There has been talk of "unbundling the loop" and allowing greater access to the final stretch to homes and offices of fixed line network for nearly 20 years.

One way would be to break up BT as Ofcom are considering. The best way forward in my view is to allow open access to the network and to create competition between the providers. Not dissimilar to the function of Network Rail providing a rail network to train companies. It's a system not without its problems but until there is true competition between the broadband providers in this space end users will continue to suffer poor service and over-pricing from BT.

In terms of government policy and its digital strategy it would have far greater influence over an Openreach independent of any single provider and would be more able to deliver on ultrafast speeds and rural access into the future.